Your Jewellery is a Target for Burglars

When (not if) you get hit you will know the anguish and disappointment that comes with losing your most precious possessions. And you may experience it a second time during the insurance claim process when you are required to prove the identity and value of the items.


GemSure is a Gem & Jewellery Protection System that involves two steps:

  1. Professional Documentation
    The level of documentation performed depends on the nature of the items & the requirements of your Insurance Company.
    • Diamond Quality Reports for important stones
    • Valuation Reports for Specified Items
    • Inventories of Unspecified Items
  2. Jewellery Insurance
    The loss of your precious jewellery would be very upsetting. The last thing you would then want is a hassle with the insurance claim. It is most important that your jewellery is listed on your contents and travel policies with the appropriate amount of cover.

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